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What is myofunctional therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is considered a “green therapy” and encourages neuro-muscular re-training of the tongue, lips, and facial muscles as they relate to head and face development, breathing and air-way health, dentition, chewing, swallowing, speech, with great impact on overall mental and physical health.

As simplistic as it sounds is scientifically proven to be a powerful tool with professional strategy and guidance.There is a wealth of studies to show that a stable, balanced oral environment will dictate the harmony in our face, the space available for the esthetic tooth alignment, the ability to breathe well while awake or asleep, establishing the foundation for correct posture while promoting calm and relaxation.

The Myofunctional therapy can be conducted with myofunctional exercises alone or in conjunction with functional appliances- ALF, VIVOS, Myobrace, Healthy Start/conventional braces & Invisalign treatment. The combined approach ensures shorter treatment times with stable, long-lasting results reducing the relapses.

Old or new concept?

Is no news that the way we use our tongue and facial muscles will dictate how the face will grow & develop in childhood, as well as remodel throughout adult life.

The power of vicious habits of the lips and tongue was noted as early as 1907. Soon after, the concept of muscles as “living orthodontic appliances” followed and the first myofunctional exercises were introduced in 1918.

This concept was on and off for years in different schools of thought and school curriculums but the soundness of the principles continued to be proven through solid research studies.

With the emerging concept of the whole-body approach in healthcare, Myofunctional therapy became increasingly popular.

The strong comeback is driven by the research proving the benefits of the myofunctional therapy in treating sleep disorders breathing/ sleep apnea, TMJ pain/ chronic pain, ADD/ADHD in children as well as posture correction.

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