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Orthodontic treatment and Myofunctional therapy

Old is new again- myofunctional therapy is supporting dental and orthodontic outcomes since 1918.

Since malocclusion is proved to be caused by altered respiratory patterns and tongue position is reasonable to say that teeth alignment and muscle function are closely interconnected.

Myofunctional retraining is recognized to facilitate in-progress and retention phase of the Orthodontic treatment.

Is your orthodontic treatment progressing slowly?

Have you had a relapse after completing the treatment; is your new, beautiful smile changing again?

Then, is absolutely the time to go for a myofunctional assessment.


The tongue might be a key factor to consider: where the tongue is resting and how we chew and swallow might be the root cause of the orthodontic problems.

How is myofunctional supporting your orthodontic outcome:

The benefits of the myofunctional therapy

• Achieve a correct tongue rest posture - giving support to the jaw and  maintaining the space gained through expansion;

• Acquire lips seal assisting in maintaining the proper teeth alignment recognizing that the lips are the natural retainer for the tooth alignment;

Train nasal breathing - ensuring lip seal and eliminating the lateral pressure of the cheeks;

• Correct chewing and swallowing - ensuring a stable oral environment eliminating the tongue thrust/ atypical swallow and minimizing the open bite re-occurrence;

• Eliminate any noxious habits - thumb-sucking, nails biting, foreign objects in the mouth- that would interfere with proper muscle function and trigger dysfunctional muscle patterns that would delay or affect the stability of the treatment;

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Is it truly possible to come back?


Strong dysfunctional patterns that remain unaddressed can have significant effects on achieving and maintain your orthodontic goal.

Myofunctional assessment is a key step for achieving your beautiful smile.

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