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Is Myofunctional Therapy For You?

1.As a baby were you bottle-fed, had problems latching, or had poor weight gain?

2.Did your mom need to visit a Lactation consultant?

3.Were you colicky, burping out the milk a lot, or suffering from acid reflux?

4.Have you had frequent nasal congestions, ear infections, or enlarged tonsils & adenoids as a child?

5.Did you use a pacifier for a longer period of time, suck your thumb or bite the nails?

6.Did you suffer from bedwetting until late in childhood?

7.Are your lips apart, dry and choppy, complaining of swollen gums, bad breath & dry mouth?

8.Do you have a long, narrow face with small cheekbones, dark circles under the eyes, and unapparent lips?

9.Are your teeth crowded, overlapping, and prone to cavities?

10.Is your tongue pushing on your teeth at rest or when swallowing?

11.Do you have a forward head posture and slouched shoulders?

12.Do you have a “blocked” nose, asthma episodes, or suffer from seasonal allergies?

13.Have you been in a speech program for a long time with poor results?

14.Did anybody tell you that you might be tongue-tie?

15.Do you have restless sleep, snoring, and gasping for air?

16.Do you wake up tired and feel like dozing through the day?

17.Do you grind or clench your teeth?

18.Have you ever had a sleep test or been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

19.Do you suffer from hyperactivity or lack of focus?

20.Do you have frequent headaches, shoulders & neck tension, TMJ/ jaw joint pain?

21.Is your eating messy and noisy?

22.Do you prefer soft foods?

23.Do you drink lots of water with your meals?

24.Do you choke on food or swallowing pills;

25.Do you experience any digestive problems- bloating, burping, acid reflux?

26.Have you had an orthodontic treatment that advanced with difficulty or relapsed after completion?

If you said Yes to any of the above, Myo Place is the right place to start a meaningful conversation.

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