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“Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for” - Dan Sullivan

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What are Myofunctional disorders?

Orofacial myofunctional disorders are any disrupting factors that interfere with proper function and development affecting breastfeeding, chewing and swallowing, proper nasal breathing, speech, TMJ health, teeth alignment and orthodontic treatment & retention, facial appearance, sleep quality, and more.

  • abnormal oral posture - open-mouth posture.

  • abnormal function - mouth-breathing, tongue thrust swallow.

  • abnormal behaviors / oral habits - thumb-sucking or other non-nutritive sucking habits; extended use of pacifiers.

  • genetic inheritance of a tongue-tie, lip-tie limiting the functional freedom of the tongue/lip.

  • upper airway obstructions due to local factors- allergies, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, OR structural factors - septum deviation, underdeveloped jaws.

  • reduced muscle tone- developmental delays, neurological deficiencies. 

Identifying the improper orofacial muscular function, at any age,  will prevent/correct changes in the craniofacial development as muscles are always remodeling the bone.

Daily functioning through compensation mechanisms will ultimately have a ripple effect on the overall physical and mental health. 

Statistically, close to 40%  of the patients have an orofacial myofunctional disorder. The majority of them are unaware but most of them would love to know.

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